Travel to France

Last Sunday, we went to Colmar, France.

It is in near Freiburg, and it took about 1 hour to get there.
We got on. train 30 min and bus 30 min.

Between Germany and France, there is only a river.
There is no checkpoint at national border.
Thanks to “Schengen Convention”, we have not to bring our passport.

Colmar is in near Freiburg, but it is so different from Freiburg.
All people are speeking French. (I can´t understand what you say!!)
All signs are written in French. (Oh, I can´t read it… (^^;) )
And shapes and colors of architectures are even different.

We ate lunch in some restaurant, and…

I felt that waiteress´ face is stern. (- -;)

:: P.S. ::
I will play a piano in concert at 12. Mai.
This concert is held in Goethe-Institut by musical students.
And somehow I will attend it, too… (^^;)


Posted by Hiko