I came to Frankfurt via Singapore.
I got on Singapore-Airlines. And that travel is so nice.
Singapore-Sling what I drunk in the plane tastes good!

I arrived in Frankfurt with sunrise.
It is very beartiful.
So I was very impressed…

This train is ICE, Inter City Express.
So to speak, it is German Shinkansen.

This is a street in Freiburg.
The color of architectures is different from Japanese one.

Natürlich!! (^^;)

This is Goethe-Institut, Freiburg.
I go to this language school now.
From Monday to Friday we have a class.

This is a street of Freiburg, too.
Last Wednesday we went to Frieburg tour after school.
I couldn´t remember all, but it was interesting.
Now I often walk through Freiburg.

I´m sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.
I uploaded five photos on trial.
It was so difficult to upload.
Burn the photo-data into CD with friend´s PC, bring the CD to Institut, read that and upload the data…
I´m tired!!

But I will try again in future.
Please wait for it… m(_ _)m

by Hiko (14:50 11.April : Freiburg, Germany)


Posted by Hiko